By Kim Spangler

To the mom who is raising a child with a disability, I see you. I see your sacrifice and selflessness. I see the long nights spent researching, note taking, and letter writing. I see your tear stained cheeks. I see the sleepless nights spent in and out of the hospital. I see the groggy days spent wondering what a paid day job would feel like. I see the pits and snares that entangle your thoughts into “what if” and “why this”?

I see the weight of the armor you carry in the constant daily battles you have to fight with professionals to listen and understand while you simultaneously seek out solutions to fix a broken system. I see your faith and courage in the midst of feeling the rejection your child experiences while you push through that pain and encourage them to hold their head high and seek out the acceptance & belonging you know they deserve.

I see your hands working diligently to create a space for all. I see the knowing in your eyes when we recognize each other as strangers in a public place on the same heart wrenching journey to a glorious unfolding. I see your presence in a room finding ways to acknowledge others parenting wins while wondering who if anyone could possibly relate to yours.

I see your vision of a place where hope and healing become the lived reality not just a distant dream. I want you to know Jesus sees you too. He wants to walk with you and tell you, “You’re doing a great job being a mom!”

So on this Mother’s Day, just know …even when you may not get to hear your child say those words or get that hug, or open the coveted hand made craft from school, you are seen! I see your prolonged joy and gratitude in the small things. I see the love you hold for your child and I see the happiness they bring you.

I hope you can see enough to believe that soon you will be able to see through their eyes how much you mean to them. I hope you know that your child will one day step into their light and reveal Gods plans for the purpose in this kind of pain. I hope you can see that every day is worth having a very Happy Mothers Day!