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Early Intervention Transition (4:07)


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December 2022: Care in Crisis, Part 1

January 2023 Care in Crisis, Part 2

February 2023 Medicaid Expansion: Much to Gain, Little to Lose

March 2023 Legislative Priorities for 2023

April 2023 Care in Crisis: Redux

May 2023 Medicaid and Work Requirements

June 2023 Legislative Update

Self-Advocacy Videos

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Home & Community-Based Waiver Town Hall Videos

Region Five, Birminghma

Region Three, Mobile


Click HERE for “An Introduction to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”

Click HERE for a great copy of a “Personal Assistant Toolkit”

Hot Tips for Legislative Advocates on Developmental Disabilities

This is a very helpful tool for Legislative Advocacy! Learn tips on how to find your legislator, how to communicate effectively with your legislators, how a bill becomes a law and more HERE!

Transition Planning

Click HERE for a very helpful guide to transition planning, school to life in the community – where do we go? The Alabama Planning for Transition Handbook is a very helpful guide for self-advocates and families. The guide facilities a discussion about life after school and questions to consider when planning for the future.

Links of Interest

The Arc/US

Alabama Department of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Division

ADMH “Do you know YOUR RIGHTS?  Brochure

ADMH “What Does An Advocate Do?  Brochure

Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP)

Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities

Alabama Service Providers Association

Alabama Department of Mental Health

Autism Society of Alabama

Autism Resource Center

Creating an Autism Friendly Home

Helping Your Child With Autism Learn at Home

Financial Guide for Families of Children With Autism

Down Syndrome Alabama







Sleep Disorders and Autism

People First of Alabama

Planning a Move with Autism

Special Olympics Alabama

30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

Disability Career Guide

College Guide for Students with DisabilitiesDriving With Autism: How to Prepare for Your Driving Test

Guide for Students With Autism

Collection of COVID-19 Resources on Topics of Mental Health, Education, and More

On-Line Safety Guide for People With Autism Spectrum 

Learning Disabilities, Autism, and Internet Safety: A Guide for Parents

Developmental Disabilities and Oral Health

Physical Disabilities and Oral Health

Medication Management for People With Disabilities


Navigating Healthcare for Children With Autism: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can make navigating a child’s healthcare needs complicated. This guide, written specifically with insight from nurses, covers essential medical knowledge for parents and caregivers of children with ASD