by Tate Hall, ADAP


In the disability community, it is all too easy to feel like your voice isn’t heard or your opinion doesn’t matter. However, there is one day where all of that falls to the side and everyone’s voice is equal – Election Day. Did you know that in the 2016 President Election, if people with disabilities voted at the same rate as people without disabilities who have the same demographic characteristics, there have been about 2.2 million more voters(Russo and Schur, Rutgers University)? During our session at the 2019 disABILITY Conference, we will dive into understanding how United We Can Achieve Change by having our voices heard through voting. We’ll cover several topics and work through an activity to help us become better self-advocates.

Before the disABILITY Conference, I would love for you to join us for one of our events during National Disability Voter Registration week, July 15-19. The events will take place throughout the state all week. Follow ADAP on Facebook for updates on times and locations of the events! We’ll be registering people to vote, learning about our rights, making sure we have the right ID to vote and we’ll have a fun photo booth and other awesome activities!

July also marks the beginning of our planning period for 2020, so if you would like to volunteer to register voters or if your organization would like to host an event in 2020 please reach out and let me know. It’s time OUR voice is HEARD!