Andrew, a participant in Mobile Arc’s Supported Employment program, has worked as a car washer at Yellow Cab of Mobile for over a year and a half. Andrew takes a lot of pride in his position which includes, detailed cleaning of the vehicles inside and out, helping maintain the building and watering the plants. Rep. Margie Wilcox, president of Yellow Cab of Mobile, describes Andrew as “meticulous in his work and his dedication has brought a lot to our company.”

Andrew enjoys what he does, and his co-workers enjoy having him at work with them. His supervisor Bruce is very supportive and is always available if Andrew has any questions or needs assistance. Rep. Wilcox says, “Andrew has really blossomed since he started, and he is a joy to have around. He is dependable and takes a lot of pride in his work.”

Andrew’s success is a result of The Arc of Alabama’s advocacy and the direct support from the Mobile Arc chapter’s supported employment program. the program supported Andrew to acquire the skills he needed to be successful in a job that he loves!

William, who has been described by many as a gentlemen, previously served in a sheltered workshop and lived in a 24/7 group home. Now, he is working 40+ hours a week at HTPG in Scottsboro and has purchased his own home!

Thanks to legislative advocacy through The Arc, William receives job coaching and personal care services through a local chapter of The Arc to stay successful.

William uses a video phone to talk with friends and family due to loss of hearing, but that has not kept him from experiencing his dream! Thanks to the support William received from The Arc of Jackson County and advocacy through The Arc of Alabama. With this support and advocacy, William has gone from 24/7 support to the very few supports needed to help him maintain success. Also, thanks to a new friend, William is now enjoying his love of hunting.

Alayna started receiving services at 18 months old until the age of 3. She received speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Alayna is diagnosed with developmental delays. We are so grateful for all the services that were provided for her and how we all became like family.

It is important that parents do not wait or hesitate to get Early Intervention if they suspect their child has any delays.The sooner action is taken the better the outcome will be.

Thanks to The Arc of Shelby County for providing the services needed, Alayna is growing and improving everyday.

Jason moved into a home that provides the stable and structured enviroment needed to help him manage his behaviors.

Although difficult at first, as the months went by, and the love and support remained consistent for Jason, the behaviors decreased so much that Jason was able to enroll at a local school.

Jason contibues to be stable and meet his goals with dedicated staff that support and encourage him to work through his frustrations in more productive ways. He has learned how to express his feelings through his writing when he feels anxious or depressed. He is also now able to participate in other activities of any typical teenager, including flag football, basketball, and fishing. In fact, Jason even attended his school’s prom!

There is no doubt Jason’s success can be attributed to the support systems that result from individual, local and state advocacy of The Arc that is designed to ensure people like Jason are protected!